About Us

We’re the founders of multiple companies

We’re the team behind several startups, including Smilebar - Boston’s top Invisalign practice. We were tired of juggling together a bunch of dated software and apps to do what we needed so we built Clearworks to help run Smilebar.

Before Clearworks

We had to juggle half a dozen apps that didn’t communicate with each other:

  • A calendar app to have a self-scheduler on our site.
  • An intake app for health history forms.
  • A document and signature app to manage contracts.
  • A telecom app to communicate with patients via text.

With Clearworks

Everything runs seamlessly and let's the team work remote when needed

  • Scheduling
  • E-signatures and contracts
  • Self-booking
  • Reminders
  • Health history
  • Two-way text messaging

Meet the team