Scheduling & Virtual

Scheduling built for modern practices

Online self-scheduler

Nothing helps increase starts than letting people book a consult instantly online. It increases conversion, boosts marketing metrics, and simply grows the business. Clearworks integrates with your site using a few lines of code so you can instantly add self-scheduling to your website.

  • Custom landing page with your scheduler.

  • Customize the type of appointments that can be booked online.

  • Increase advertising conversion by enabling people to self-book consultations while you have their attention.

  • Enable both virtual and in-office bookings.

Virtual Calendars

One of the biggest challenges we have all had to adapt to this past year is navigating through a post Covid world - especially when it comes to visits to a health care provider. Clearworks gives patients the ability to self book virtual consultants and let's you grow your practice remotely.

  • Enable virtual consultations and check ups quickly, with Clearworks.

  • Set custom virtual calendar hours.

  • Learn and grow by testing dates and hours. You may find that people want to book consultations on Saturday mornings rather than during the week.

  • Allows patients the ability to meet the doctor virtually so they feel more comfortable and address their needs.

  • Set appointment types to be virtual with their own reminders and notifications.

  • Reduce in office visits and therefore, overhead.

  • Turn on days on a moments notice. Free next Saturday morning? Turn on the virtual calendar and do consults anywhere seamlessly.

  • Let patients choose their preferred video chat application to be contacted on with (FaceTime zoom, etc).

Front desk scheduling

We built a beautiful scheduler to help streamline your front desk. It’s the backbone of Clearworks - giving you access to patients appointment history, customizable labels/alerts, and appointment confirmations.

  • Allows for front desk to work from home, reducing overhead.

  • Syncs with the online scheduler to streamline scheduling.

  • Sound and visual notification when new message is received.

  • You can easily switch between your own practice management software and clearworks.

  • Appointment are easily recognized and labeled so staff know exactly what’s going on at a quick glance.

  • Month, week, daily views glance.

  • Ability to filter specific appointment types.

Communication & Reminders

Easy patient communication & reminders

Two-way text messaging

People today want to communicate simply via text. So we built two-way text messaging so you can easily communicate with patients.

  • Chat with patients
 via text.

  • Communicate real time with your patients.

  • Archive closed conversations.

  • Track which staff member replied to messages for quality control.

SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

Simple and customizable email and text appointment reminders with one-click confirmation.

  • One-click confirmations for upcoming appointments.

  • Ability to remind patients about upcoming appointment AND missed ones as well.

Paperless & e-signatures

Mobile-first health history forms & contracts

Health history form

Easily email patients a mobile optimized health history form to their phone to complete prior to be their consultation appointment.

  • Customize your health history form and financial agreement to your practice’s needs.

  • Allergies such as latex would immediately be labeled on patients file alerting office instantly upon completion.

  • Contactless forms send directly to patients phone to complete at home prior to appointment.

  • Receive notification on clearworks when form is complete.

  • Optizimed forms for mobile devices.

Contracts with with e-signatures

Sending out contracts has never been easier. Clearworks automatically generates contracts to be sent for signature on an iPhone after you’ve discussed pricing. We didn’t understand why contracts had to be so complicated: create a document, turn it into a pdf, send it for signature, get an email back, move it into patient records, etc etc. Simply customize a template, enter a patient’s treatment price and payment terms, and have them sign in office or at home. It's saved in their profile automatically. It’s all seamless and stored in the cloud.

  • Touchless ability to have patients not use a clipboard, print forms, or even use an in office iPad to fill out contracts - they do it for their mobile phone or at home.

  • Customize to your own practice needs.

  • Receive notifications once signed by patients.

  • Remind patients to sign them.

  • Each contract is archived under patients file.

Analytics & Integration

Data-driven marketing & integration

Analytics and marketing reports

It’s important to understand where leads are coming from and what capacity remains for new patients. So Clearworks has extremely simple yet important reports and integrates with Google analytics to help your marketing team.

  • Add integration with google AdWords, Facebook.

  • Track leads coming in to optimize marketing spends.

  • Get weekly reports on patient bookings to make smarter marketing decisions.

“Kudos to Clearworks for always coming up with small but mighty features that helps make our day to day duties effortless.”

Yohana, Front Desk @ Smilebar